Relocation Appraisal Services

Magnolia Appraisal Services also offers relocation appraisals, which differ from other appraisal areas. If you are a transferee, this appraisal service is an essential part of the relocation process. While mortgage appraisals provide the market value, relocation appraisals determine the anticipated sales price. Often times, the relocating employee moves out of the home before it is sold. Major concerns must be addressed and a “cost to cure” needs to be found, while other smaller repairs and improvements are suggested to increase the potential market value.

Time is of the essence in relocation appraisals, for both the employee/home owner and the realtor or other party who will be selling the home. Many times, the employee needs to move in a matter of a few weeks and there is a specific deadline for them to move and begin the new position—which doesn’t apply to everyone who is buying or selling a home. For more information about this type of appraisal, or to begin the process, contact our professional team.

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